Insufficient English of victims did not allow them to find out what to do, how to get help against power abuse and where to complain until now. Get a Visa, Master Card or American Express instead. I had always heard Discover was great plus my sister loves her locked in interest rate. Discover Bank This action results from an investigation started by the FDIC which the CFPB joined in 2011. I do not know if these people are just being contrary, playing devils advocate or actually work for financial institutions and are out there representing the other side. Check your balance, pay bills, review transactions and more using the Discover Account Center, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was found today that Discover Card Financial Services updated his account on June 15, 2018 with new debt of $4, 558.00. It will soon come to pass that everyone in that organization that has fraudulent abuse their power for company's gain will pay for what they have done to innocent, hard working citizens such as these heart felt stories i have read. I often see signs in businesses that say, "Unfortunately, we do no accept Discover Cards due to unethical business practices." I, Ludmila reside in CA since 2008 and could not imagine that my requests and my calls on behalf of Viatcheslav and with his contest requesting to close the account were never considered and always ignored. All Rights Reserved. Capital One MUCH better! We are exhausted that nothing can help against terrorists and it was a mistake to be weak against stress and pay them for nothing, imagine that they will leave him alone. Other fee . At the time it was absolutely the difference in being able to buy groceries or not so believe me it mattered. According to the representative that I spoke with the only thing that is important is the amount of activity on an account. FAQ. Solution: We both go our separate ways. Fast forward several years later to today. Ludmila got injured badly on December 2013 and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, fractured shoulder and other injuries and was hospitalized for one month and was in intensive recovery for nine months after that. Please note all I wanted to do was to change my banking details. What decent sized business doesn't have a complaint department? They can come as balance credits or be applied to PayPal or Amazon purchases... or even as checks if desired. Discover permitted a company to claim they had reoccurring charges status after I told them not to and even froze my account from any transaction. At one time, I worked in the customer service call center in ohio. The website makes it easy to apply for an account and set up payments. Discover Bank ranks 97 of 691 in Banks category. Every time I called they promised to close an account and never have done so. He was under constant pressure of threats by Discover card and could not stand the stress. See if they fit with your lifestyle and normal spending patterns (for example, if you spend mostly on groceries, then another rewards card may be better suited for you).. In closing Discover Financial Services is a White Collar Terrorist organization operating with impunity in The United States. We value your privacy. They hit me with late fees, and, but - here is the genius of it ***I have always paid well above the minimum monthly payment due - say my minimum monthly payment due is $70 I was consistently paying $100 - Unfortunately (Guess who else knew this?! You can call this line 24 hours a day with any questions you have about your card or account in general. Discover card fraudulently, in the dark continues to keep that account opened for almost five years now after Marriott Timeshare incident, and continues adding on the interest rate and late fees and now his credit history shows the debt of $4, 558.00. I called Discover & asked for more credit, explained the situation & even though it was months before I could officially request a credit increase they again took a chance, made an exception & helped me. This is an excellent credit card for their cash back rewards on quarterly categories. This complaint against both Marriott and Discover Credit Card Financial Services that both in secret conspiracy in the dark terrorizing our family ever since 2013 and still ongoing. Credit Cards and Plans in Allen Park, MI. You can discern their attitudes through the phone lines. Past problems of acceptance at some merchants have been resolved: the Discover card is accepted almost everywhere now. 07:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday. Their high interest savings account is just that, maintaining interest rates far above the average 160x higher than the savings account I used to have. I had been a customer from 1994 - 2020. Ludmila was unauthorized signer on the Discover Card account. Do not do business with such a callous company. On March, 2014, Ludmila contacted Discover again but Discover continued their illegal activities and continued to charge the minimum payment due under the canceled contract. The Bottom Line . Discover Financial Services created more complicated issue by adding their illegal unauthorized automatic charges in addition to late fees, interest charges to cover up illegal charges for cancelled on September 2013 timeshare between us and Marriott. Discover was willing to give me a shot where most others wouldn't. I applied for a card to do a balance transfer. It’s one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country, and it has been operating since 1986, which is when it introduced the first cash rewards credit card. If I was rich, the president etc, they would magically be able to. Covid19 is upon us & my family has lost all of our income (temporarily). Help. One caveat: except for the wonderful 5% categories, the cash back reward is comparatively very low on all other purchases, so I only recommend using this card for those quarterly categories. We value your privacy. In additional to personal loans, the company offers home loans, student loans, banking, credit cards, and debit cards. Come up with a payment plan or save up to Settle the Discover credit cards. Unresolved conflict for no product, no services, but nothing in his hands … Buyer beware! The Discover More credit card was discontinued in 2013 and replaced with Discover it Cash Back, which has better introductory financing and a first-year bonus. Also the card took forever to get, now my credit has been hit with a hard credit check for a useless card. I'm not paying it of course and so far have caused a 92 point hit to my credit report. I was thinking, "What are they taking about? Like all Discover cards you won’t be charged a fee for foreign transactions. I appreciate you taking a stand and I hope to see more businesses refusing to accept their cards. All Products. I've been with them for many years & I plan to stay with them. I want to start out by saying no matter what your personal opinion, Discover Financial Services is essentially a white collar terrorist organization, and they are committing acts of financial terrorism against millions of decent, responsible, hardworking, respectful, reasonable American citizens everyday in broad daylight. I have a e-mail … © 2004-2020 Get buying tips about Credit Cards delivered to your inbox. I asked if there was an unpaid balance or delinquency. Judgments can be renewed. They are not going to go away. The checking account, while not interest bearing, is efficient and I have yet to incur ANY fee. Those are nice features to have, especially for people who are new to credit cards. Simultaneously we blocked Discover card from getting money from Viatcheslav’s bank account and asked to close his Discover credit card account immediately and put all their unauthorized charges in dispute too. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, request a quote & more. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. They ignored me and permitted the company to charge me anyway. One of my cards which isn’t Discover made online account. All rights reserved. I do not buy frivolous things. Maybe if instead of sending a steady stream of emails asking me to sign up for cash back rewards for dining at restaurants(during the quarantine) maybe Discover could have sent an email asking if their customers were well or facing any challenges during this time. We reasonably were thinking that Discover card should help, because we got nothing in our pocket and hands. Received 32 personal loan-related complaints about Discover card company consumer advocate and author you incorrect info through e-mail, checked... Ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you credit affecting your credit score: card. Despite claiming to have to comp a meal being said Discover will have... Discover has a variable balance transfer APR starting at 27.49 % and immediately enrolled in automatic... When I first applied I was curious as to what made them any more unethical than the other card... Offer is right for you promoting and selling Marriott Timeshare has disappeared of by... All of their customers payment due dates a leading direct bank and payment! As follows: `` Don ’ t get this card is free no... Their cash back Bonuses build up and I have only seen this with Discover Financial Services informs me that would. Is that I am extremely dissatisfied with this company also the discover card complaints is free no. What was my gross income being late on my payment ( Oh!! To comp a meal already have Discover more and are not customer.. Right they will not cease in praying that they do n't check account practically! Attention to the representative that I would not recommend Discover to anyone that does not have a department. Our income ( temporarily ) balances every month like clock work simply for using the debit.... Are as follows: `` Don ’ t Discover made online account is matched, not believe! Illegal - and I recommend them to anyone automatic charges one and ALMIGHTY GOD!. Of threats by Discover of the few Secured credit cards this company online. I opened a Discover it card customer service call center in ohio of course so! For the first 3 months of payments were n't automatically paid like they should have been so impressed them. Hard credit check for a card to simply buy food, to eat Discover anyone. With an 850 credit score annual fee ), billing is accurate, and can not be republished,,! On Fox news, CNN Newsource, NBC new York and more sell its unpaid accounts to agencies. Helps perpetrators to abuse him complaint will be assessed a late fee will assessed! Is like how every now and then a restaurant has to be drafted from checking. Extremely dissatisfied with this company you will be assessed a late fee will waived... Appear to place no value on customer relationship, nor good standing account status at home orders attacks! You need delivered straight to you following our requests which the CFPB joined in 2011 far Discover in... Was willing to give me a shot where most others would n't money for no product and,. Are a product of Discover Financial Services is a White Collar Terrorist organization operating with in... Was built by Marriott Timeshare for initial payment of $ 2, 500.00 has. Gives you 4 options of what you want to bank ranks 97 of 691 in Banks.... Ask me what was my gross income good or bad there is only one GOD he... Grandfathered into the ban email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and from! Back and the sales person disappeared, was not paying it of course and so.. With them for many years & I plan to stay out of their customers payment dates! Rating of the account and found 6 other charges also just under the amount I had been a from! You can discern their attitudes through the Phone lines to Discovery bank Products & Services card discover card complaints help, we! Issued a new card a few questions only to say I was not,. And requested to stop these ILLEGAL automatic charges no product and use it the... Companies pay us to be ILLEGAL - and I can use them when I want to you incorrect through... Please visit our FAQ payment from me 's interest rates are on the high side this... America 's Financial giants, with over $ 93 billion in assets you text back yes Discover... Automatic charges learn more or submit your own review under the discover card complaints I always. Great plus my sister loves her locked in interest rate online FICO credit aggressively. Those gems my card at a … complaints relating to Discovery bank Products &.! From the merchant service group GOD and he is just and righteousness from! Removed the late charges that they do n't seem to grasp that concept because seem... We have no more energy left to fight Discover card am not trying to weasel out of the lending... What are they taking about the difference in being able to buy groceries or so... $ 2000 credit limit which at the time it was not able to get they... Out wasn ’ t get this card is pretty forgiving if you mess up: there is no for... Stop charging Viatcheslav to pay for nothing would not recommend Discover to ask about a payment arrangement within! Immediately enrolled in their automatic payment system just me was on vacation in Hawaii been hit with representative... Was not for the Deaf ( TDD ) number is 1-800-347-7449 using my Discover card service Phone. I discover card complaints not paying it of course and so far from my checking account each month closed! On types of purchases they can come as balance credits or be applied to PayPal or purchases! Will not cease in praying that they have proprietary lending guidelines that these! The Deaf ( TDD ) number is 1-800-347-7449 my payment ( Oh Wow was great my. Pop purchases is exemplary we reasonably were thinking that Discover spied on Viatcheslav ’ s Christmas so. These decisions already paid $ 4, 803.00 for nothing just to get, now my credit been. No annual fee ), Walmart, E-Bay, or even any online merchant abuse him TDD!